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Understand P3’s
Core Features

P3 was purposely designed to allow teams to drive down service times to complete case enrollment, increase reliability of patient engagement through adherence, be dramatically easier to learn and use than any competitors on the market, and be more affordable than traditional competitors that rely on expensive third party integrations with Salesforce and others.

Configurable Custom Workflows

Create a best practices workflow that fits your program and your products.

  • Customizable individual tasks 
  • Configurable workflow setup
  • Work queues to segregate tasks to your liking
  • Reschedules, reminders, and automated followups
Automated Patient Engagement

Simplify the adherence process through automated task and follow up creation, alerting, and outbound communication.

  • Automated task & followup creation
  • Outbound SMS to patients
  • Outbound email and fax
  • 3rd Party fulfillment integration – Use your preferred vendor for sending swag, physical shipments, with seamless integration into P3 for one stop tracking
Built for Integration

Integrate via method of choice. P3 supports API, Webhooks, and File Exchange.

  • Multi-channel communication integration. 
  • Marketing fulfillment vendors, specialty pharmacy
  • Nursing and education providers
Highly Secure

Cloud Hosted in AWS, the P3 Technology installation is entirely private to your organization, with best practices followed to meet HIPAA requirements.


  • Secure Data Centers
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Real-time Replication
  • Private Cloud per Customer


  • HTTPS Encryption
  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Secure Firewalls
  • Continuous Monitoring


  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Role Based Permissions
  • Veracode Security Scans
  • Field Level Audit Capability
Advanced yet Easy to Use Reporting

Bringing simple back, P3 reports are nimble, meaningful, and easy to use.

  • Advanced Case Detail Report
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Workload reporting
  • Nightly Data exports for advanced data analytics

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