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We provide the best in class Case Management Platform for the Patient Services Industry.

Chief Executive Officer

Heather Rose

Heather Rose is the CEO of P3 Technology, LLC, specializing in solutions, processes, and technology in support of reimbursement and patient support services. 

Heather’s experience spans many therapeutic areas and distribution channels including retail, specialty and in-office administered therapies.  Her focus on quality, process improvement, and data insights have led to innovative system solutions, providing operational excellence and cutting-edge program design. 

In her years in the industry, Heather has worked directly with pharmaceutical companies to:

  • Seamlessly transition hub services from external vendors to in-house patient solutions as well as alternative service providers
  • Build out comprehensive patient services for new product launches supported in-house and through external service providers 
  • Served at the subject matter expert for case management set up and design
  • Develop and document data strategy to ensure compliance with HIPAA and regulatory policies

In her previous role as Vice President of Brand Support Services at RxCrossroads, Heather was responsible for developing and executing operationally, as well as creating and implementing strategic solutions designed to expand comprehensive reimbursement and patient support programs. 

As a transformational executive with foresight and imagination, Heather has delivered revolutionary technology and business solutions for a wide range of pharmaceutical companies.  Her proven track record for leading cross-functional initiatives focused on efficiency and business effectiveness has led to her success in creating vision and guiding change through inspiration and executing results. 

Demonstrating an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for process improvement, Heather has the innate ability to quickly identify and actualize valuable ideas and employ strategies that maximize organizational and operational competencies. 

Chief Technology Officer

David Galownia

David is the CTO of P3 Technology and combines his nearly two decades of experience in Technology as CEO of Slingshot with his extensive experience in healthcare, having led numerous technology efforts in the industry for small organizations and startups to the Fortune 50.

David excels at propelling Slingshot towards their goals and has overseen the strategic direction of the company since 2005.  He has been described as ‘intense, driven, caring, and passionate’ both at work and play. At work, he enjoys watching his team explore, imagine, and reinvent to do the best by their clients. At play, he drives Karts at insanely high speeds and scares his wife half to death. It is all or nothing. Which means he gives it all.

At Slingshot, David has led several initiatives within the healthcare industry and has been a key driver in pushing ever increasing high standards in data security and privacy for the company, including leading the effort for the company’s recent SOC 2 certification.  David has also pushed the company heavily in Cloud technologies, culminating with Slingshot becoming an official Amazon Web Services Select Tier Partner in 2018. 

Leading the tech effort for P3 is a natural fit for David, where he can combine what he knows about healthcare with what’s possible with technology.   David is especially proud of the fact that both Slingshot and P3 Technology believe strongly in combining the best and brightest in both Design and Development, pushing what is possible with technology and maximizing the impact it can have.


Heather Rose, CEO and founder of Perspective3 Consulting, has leveraged her 15 years of industry experience as a leader of operations for one of the largest Patient Services providers in the industry and decided to deploy her patient services knowledge into this new endeavor.  Through her work with over 48 brand pharmaceutical companies, Heather identified gaps with current technology options.  The conclusion from her work in the market and the objectives of her clients was that the current CRM options in the market fail to:

  • Support the business and its processes
  • Create intuitive and customizable automated workflow creating consistency and quality standards 
  • Lack automation leading to data quality issues
  • Generate on-going costs through reliance on third party resources with limited ability to self-serve

Heather’s passion is centered in doing what is right for clients and their patients.  She envisioned a CRM system that in addition to filling the CRM technology gaps would provide ease of data capture.  Additionally, the system would house information in such a way that mining the data to provide actionable business insights is effortless, timely and accurate.

This is when Heather’s business and technology knowledge aligned with her vision and passion, leading to the creation of P3 in late 2019.


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